Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns Need Splash

Drip, Drip, Splash: lead nurturing campaigns need something more

The marketing phrase “drip campaign” sounds so weak and wimpy.

Unfortunately, it’s often an accurate description. We’ve all been on the receiving end of what seems like a non-stop series of marketing emails from someone trying to tell or sell us something.

As part of an Inbound Marketing methodology, digital drip campaigns are initiated by a website visitor that converts on an offer for content. By their online behavior and completing a form, they have self-identified and opted-in for more information. They have now triggered a sequence of personalized emails that will be sent to them automatically as part of a direct marketing work flow.

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The B2B Inbound Solar System: Dimensions of a Solid Inbound Strategy

The Inbound Universe: The Ideal Buyer, Branding, Website, Content, SEO, Lead Nurturing, Client Care, PR, Ads and Print

B2B inbound marketing is complex and multifaceted. Each inbound discipline works best as one piece in an overall strategy. It’s not enough to have great content, or a stunningly designed website. In order to get the most out of inbound, you have to understand how all these different things work together. In that sense, it’s better to have every piece of your inbound strategy functioning, than to have a few of the pieces working perfectly.

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