Attract prospects and convert leads with compelling and contagious content.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, b2b content marketing uses a business’s story to communicate with their audience without over-selling. The best part is that relevant content doesn’t get old. It works for you forever, generating search results that lead prospects to your business and convert them into customers.

Develop a successful B2B content marketing campaign.

MLT Creative will help you each step of the way:

Consider your target audience first and think about their needs and interests. We can help you develop your buyer personas, segment your target markets and develop keyword strategies that will help make your content more relevant and magnetic so your audience will find you when they search for solutions. A strategy that includes objectives, timing, resources required and budget will set you on a course for success. Plan the work and work the plan.

If you need a blog, we can help you get started and show you the ropes. If you have a blog that needs to perform better, we have the talent and tools available to make it a powerful force in your b2b content marketing program.

Our team will examine any and all materials you currently have on hand and uncover the content opportunities available within them. We can also match your content to your buyer personas and identify your content’s best fit in the sales funnel.

To keep your content delivery consistent, we offer editorial calendars to keep your team on the same page. We can plan out the next six months to a year to be sure all of your personas and sales funnel stages are covered.

High-value content is content that your audience finds so valuable that they want to share it, link to it, and discuss it with their peers. In other words, high-value content furthers your reach and increases your ROI. As a bonus, high-value content doesn’t get old. It works for you forever, generating search results that lead prospects to your content, and helps convert them into customers.

We can work with your current system or suggest some to you to begin capturing leads from your content offers. We develop landing pages and nurturing workflow emails, all tied to a solid strategy to get you results.

No two b2b content marketing programs are exactly alike. They all take focused effort, persistence and a never quit learning mindset.

Locate and refine the best content you already have.

We can show you ways to utilize the valuable resources you already own and make them new again:

From well designed eBooks to infographics and interactive presentations, we can bring your most valuable information to life in images and text. We can take your provided content and pump it up or help craft your information from interviews and rough ideas.

Give your audience what they crave with a custom video. It can be anything from an interview with one or more of your experts to a comprehensive look into how you solve issues for your clients. Tell your history and what your firm stands for in a captivating video complete with animations, graphics, titling and professional voice-overs. From a storyboard to the finished production, MLT Creative can do it all.

People like to be informed, and webinars and podcasts offer a powerful platform for sharing your expertise. MLT Creative can assist with developing the idea, promoting through email and social media, creating the presentation, workbooks and other sharable content that gives your webinar a long shelf life. We have experience developing webinars using industry leading talent on a wide variety of subjects.

We can assist in custom development or taking your provided information and crafting a powerful and visually appealing content strategy for industry reports, survey results or industry related whitepapers. Based on your personas, we can target the study information and package it to appeal to your segmented audience.

For B2B content marketing, remember this: pull, don’t push. Instead of pushing a large amount of information out to the general public with hopes of attracting leads, create high-value content that will pull quality prospects closer to your business.

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