B2B websites delivered with passion and purpose.

We strongly believe that your website is the most important part of your marketing. It is the hub
that you funnel all prospects and customers to, and you can control the message, the look and
the navigation paths to your advantage. We build powerful, responsive B2B websites employing
the latest content management systems and techniques.

We offer web design and development services including:

Buyer personas play an integral role in the inbound methodology. Understanding the various problems your customers face, paves the way for developing the helpful content you’ll need to offer and promote. We can assist you with refinement of your existing buyer personas or deliver your first set through comprehensive interviews and deep-dive research. This will help you create a b2b website that attracts visitors focused on your customer segmentation and their stage in the buyer journey.

Great design aids the website user to the information they seek and moves them along their path on the buyer journey, and down your sales funnel. We design websites to get viewers to where they want to be as quickly and simply as possible. We can design a sleek user experience that is both captivating to the eye and within your graphic standards.

The platform you desire to have your new website built upon is a personal choice, or driven by needs and expectations that necessitate a specific CMS over another. At MLT Creative, we are well-versed in constructing sites in both HubSpot and WordPress and are comfortable discussing both with your team and consulting on the best choice given your situation and needs.

Content marketing is the fuel that will make your new inbound focused website a lead generation engine for your sales and marketing teams. We can assist you with developing a comprehensive content strategy and calendar based around relevant topics, methods of delivery, social sharing, your personas and the stages of your sales funnel. We can also help your team by developing new content from internal and external knowledge sources. We can handle copy writing, graphic design and the final production for your website.

We can perform an audit of your current site to identify keywords that are working and any inbound links that need to be transferred to minimize SEO “dip” when launching your new website. If you need assistance with developing your keyword list, we also have programs to research and identify the words you should be focusing on. After launch, we offer ongoing SEO consultation, reporting and actionable items to keep your new b2b website growing and meeting your goals.

Once the personas, content and general design direction is decided, we move to construction of new templates within the platform of your choice and fill them with existing and new content. Any existing SEO information is ported over to not lose any existing organic search “juice”. You will see the website during various stages of the construction for feedback and troubleshooting prior to launch. Once finished, we help launch the site on your hosting domain and assist as needed for a smooth transition.

As an added service, we can update your Company LinkedIn page and Showcase pages to reflect the new b2b website content and design direction. This helps build your footprint within LinkedIn and shows consistency in message and brand across various outlets. Online training or custom programs for making the most of LinkedIn for B2B are also available to your team. We also offer graphics and design for the various social media outlets to build brand consistency, including: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others.

MLT Creative Digital Process Overview


  • Initial client discovery
  • Needs assessment
  • Define objectives
  • Style references
  • Buyer personas review
  • Conceptualizing


  • Site Map
  • Wireframe
  • Content identification
  • Content creation
  • Initial SEO plan
  • Client feedback


  • Coding templates
  • Integrating content
  • Compatibility testing
  • Testing/resolving errors
  • Finalizing SEO plan
  • Client feedback


  • Dead link identification
  • SEO final check
  • Content final check
  • Client Sign-Off
  • Site launch