Factory-Processed or Custom-Crafted: Which Approach is Best for Your B2B Marketing Strategy and Website?

I’m asking you this question with the belief that most marketers should carefully craft their plan. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of established templates and tools for building your marketing program but those will only take you so far. And you might be headed in the wrong direction.

As a partner in a B2B Marketing Agency based in Atlanta, I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of clients and I can honestly say that no two were exactly alike and neither were their marketing landscapes. Each brand is unique and so are their products and services, customer segments, competitive positioning, budgets, challenges, and opportunities. Read more

It’s Not All About Inbound Marketing – and Never Has Been

Sometimes when I’m talking with a younger client about their marketing budget – and these days, every client is younger than me – I want to tell them about the olden days.

Once upon a time, for anyone to know about your business, you had to advertise. I’m not talking about “Mad Men – Madison Avenue” type advertising. I mean the basics. The Yellow Pages. You may not remember the Yellow Pages directories, but they were the internet before the internet existed. These five-pound yellow directories were where your local prospects let their fingers do the walking, and your ad had to do the talking. Read more

Atlanta B2B Marketing Agency Leader Learns Lessons from Pedaling Papers

I was a suburban paperboy in the late Sixties.

Way back then there were no laptops or smart phones, and there was no internet or Google maps. For the homeowners on my paper route, I was the internet.

It all started as a last-minute favor for a friend. His family was going out of town unexpectedly for the upcoming weekend, and he needed someone to deliver the Saturday and Sunday papers for him. He also offered to pay me enough to make it worth my time. We were both in the fifth grade, so I had no idea what my time was worth. Read more

B2B Marketing Content Needs Creative Ideas and Execution for the Best Punch!

The purpose of this post isn’t to argue that B2B marketing requires outstanding content. I believe that any B2B marketing professional still doubting that is probably not open to the points I want to make…

What I want you to think more about is why and how to add more creativity into your content development.

Since I speak as a senior creative director, you may be surprised at how broadly I apply the word ‘creative’ to B2B marketing. I think every part of the process, from the assessment of an opportunity or problem to the formulation of a strategy and budget, to the creative development of messaging and imagery, to the way your story is told all benefit from being more creative. Read more

What Should Your B2B Blog Post Be About When You Have Nothing New to Say? What Would Mr. Ed Do?

For anyone not old enough to remember the television show from the sixties, Mr. Ed would never speak unless he has something to say. He probably wouldn’t blog either.

That would be a mistake, and I’ll explain why.

All the content you produce to fuel your marketing efforts should show you have helpful, insightful, differentiating, and even entertaining thoughts and ideas to share with your marketplace. But beyond showing you have something interesting to say, your content should show you are listening. Read more

Why Do the Best B2B Marketing Blogs Often Begin With a Question?

Q: Why do the best B2B Marketing blogs often begin with a question?
A: Because questions lead to answers, diverse opinions, and new ideas.

After posting several hundred articles about B2B Marketing topics on our Ideas@Work Blog, we don’t always have a new idea to write about that we haven’t covered before.

We certainly have “evergreen” blogs that touch on topics most B2B marketing professionals can find helpful. And we’ve even written multiple posts with advice on repurposing and refreshing older content.

I went back through some of our most popular posts looking for any that needed updates to be up-to-date. And I noticed how the “date stamps” on those older posts made them seem like “old news” no matter how evergreen they were. Read more

SenseAtional blog feature

How can you make digital B2B Marketing Touchpoints truly sensational?

See (and feel) SenseAtional for yourself.

We recently were awarded the opportunity to conceive and design a printed “kit” to demonstrate, explore and showcase an amazing new printing technique for one of our long-time partners, Bennett Graphics in Atlanta.
Read more

State of Inbound 2017 eBook

The Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs of Inbound Marketing in 2017

Among 6,000 marketing professionals, do you know the number one priority for 2017? What’s the lowest priority? And how have things changed among your peers?

If you are interested in how other marketing and sales professionals are dealing with the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of Inbound Marketing, let me introduce you to everything you could possibly want to know in the form of the freshly-minted 2017 State of Inbound Marketing Report.
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B2B Marketing and Ben & Jerry's ice cream

B2B Marketing and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Two things I love and one of my favorite stories.

Tedious Tasks and Problem Situations can lead to Opportunities, Good Questions, and Great Ideas.

A couple of years ago, our B2B marketing agency in Atlanta was helping a major healthcare client with a project related to an internal innovation initiative. As part of that process, I heard a story that was submitted by an employee as feedback for the team that was planning to launch the innovation program. She gave an excellent example of a “problem plus question equals idea” story involving ice cream. I like the story so much, I’ve since googled it and can’t find anything to confirm or deny its authenticity. It almost doesn’t matter because it’s a great story regardless.
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B2B Marketing Content engine

Even The Best B2B Marketing Content Engines Can Run Out of Steam

A Tale of Too Busy.

As a partner in a B2B marketing agency, I know better than to make excuses for why I haven’t paid more attention to our content marketing efforts lately. But when I do, there’s always the “Cobbler’s kids have no shoes” to the “Plumber’s pipes are leaking” rationale that comes to mind.
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