10 Tactics for Phenomenal B2B Webinar Registrations

As a B2B marketing professional, you realize that targeted and compelling webinars are an excellent marketing technique that can:B2B webinars can result in a phenomenal quantity of leads. They are an outstanding source for lead generation.

  • Allow an introduction to new prospects through meaningful thought leadership.
  • Provide a reason to proactively reach out to past prospects, subscribers, social media connections, and friends and allies.
  • Offer an ideal way to integrate inbound and outbound marketing tactics.

You’’ve got compelling content, the date, time, and the webinar provider selected for your B2B webinar. The landing page and form are fully optimized. Now you’’re ready to get the word out with a webinar marketing campaign. If you have targeting and aggressive webinar registration goals, try different tactics to reach your audience.

When developing a campaign with many different tactics, keep the focus on the end number of registrations,– not trying to make each tactic a star. Individually, the results they generate may appear small, but together they build momentum.

Here are 10 online marketing tactics to generate webinar registrations:

  1. Paid email blasts through trade publications
  2. Rented list through a list database
  3. Multiple email blast to house list
  4. Daily Twitter mentions from all staff
  5. LinkedIn status updates, group announcements and event invitations
  6. Blog post highlighting the benefits of the webinar
  7. Blog posts on the expert speaker’s blog and other relevant subject matter experts
  8. Online press releases
  9. Prominent call-to-action buttons on homepage and blog
  10. Event announcements on all of the firm’s Outlook email signatures

Take the time and coordinate these tactics to deliver the greatest registration rates.

Tactics in Action:

When MLT Creative applied these tactics to a recent B2B marketing webinar, we were able to surpass our aggressive registration goal by 33 percent, and grow our house email list by 42 percent.

Not only did the marketing effort exceed expectations, it also yielded marketing intelligence. Each marketing tactic had a unique URL (or source code) that the registration system tracked. The registration system was therefore able to report which tactics generated which registrants. The summary results revealed:

Tactic% of Registrations
Social Media & Blogging53%
Email Marketing32%

This information has enabled us to create even more effective subsequent marketing campaigns. We have funneled more effort into the tactics that worked and adjusted the less effective tactics so that they work better.

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