Designer drawing website development wireframe

5 Simple Rules for an Effective B2B Web Site

Offer dynamic content. Don’t just create a site and expect it to be relevant forever. Constantly changing content gives visitors reasons to return time and time again.

Be organized. Visitors looking for something specific need to find it quickly or they will look elsewhere—like a competitor’s site.Make the site come alive. Use video and Flash animation to help tell your story and demonstrate your products. Avoid splash pages and animations that “look cool” but don’t support your marketing message.

Optimize for search engines. Customers looking to solve problems might not know your company has the solutions they are looking for. If your site is not optimized for search (SEO) and appearing in the rankings, they might never find you.

Go social. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offer an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship with customers and prospects online. They can also be effective at driving traffic to your site.

Source: Bill Rice, president, Web Marketing Association via BtoB magazine