5 Steps That Lead to Relevant Emails and Better B2B Inbound Marketing

Social media and content marketing often get the press, but with these 5 steps, your email marketing will be a relevant message that drives relationships.

Many of our customers dismiss email marketing because it has been done or is dead. That can be true, if you’re just delivering a sales message with little relevance. Just be aware that 62% of adult US internet users read and send emails daily, and over half of them check it first thing every morning.

email marketing mazeSmart marketers know that by getting invited to your inbox, they can use emails to build a relationship over time. People rarely change their email address, plus most everyone has one, but many of them are not active on various social channels. Plus, as young adults move into corporate jobs, they begin to adapt to using email as a communication device over texting and IM, especially in B2B markets.


To make your B2B email marketing relevant, consider these 5 steps:

Be Trustworthy – don’t abuse the special access your customer has offered by accepting your emails. Be helpful, relevant and timely.

Stay Conversational – keep the messaging clear, light and respectful. Build loyalty by telling them you understand them and their needs, and don’t come off like a pushy salesperson

Make It Relevant – don’t send blanket emails if they are not appropriate for your entire list. Personalize, segment and give them the helpful information and meaningful offers they need and want.

Test Everything – then test it again. This tip is very important. A/B test your subject lines, headlines, graphics and offers to find the best combination for your audience. Simple things like dead links will send your email efforts to a quick failure. Also, be sure your email looks great on various email systems, browsers and especially mobile devices.

Stay Strategic – your emails need to be a part of a larger inbound strategy. Constant emails just annoy people. Let them choose when they want to hear from you, and be building your relationship with them in other channels as well.


Email marketing can be a secret weapon in your B2B marketing programs. It will allow you to build a relationship in a less distracting space as opposed to the sometimes frantic pace within social media channels.

What are some of your ideas to make emails relevant in B2B inbound marketing?

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