Plugins for a B2B Wordpress website.

The 9 Best Free WordPress Plugins for B2B Websites

One of the benefits of having a WordPress site is the seemingly endless supply of helpful plugins that WordPress offers. Using the right plugins can make your website much more effective. But the shear number of WordPress plugins can make it difficult and time consuming to figure out which ones your website needs. This post will show you what I think are the best free WordPress plugins for your b2b website.

These plugins are all useful in different ways, some are for social sharing, some for security. All these plugins are free, useful for any website and especially b2b websites. Here we go:

1) Askimet

Protect yourself from the underbelly of the web with Askimet. You’ll ever get another spam blog comment again. Askimet runs every comment through the most rigorous tests so you don’t have to waste your time deleting hordes of them.

2) Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Wield the power of the internet’s most powerful free analytics tools straight from your WordPress dashboard. There are other GA plugins, but none of them offer the insights that this one does. Hook it up and let it rip.


3) W3 Total Cache

Site speed is incredibly important not only for giving your website visitors a hassle free experience, but for your conversion rates and SEO. Give your site a speed boost with WordPress’s W3 Total Cache.

4) Yoast SEO

Yoast’s Plugin helps optimize every page on your website for search. It asks you to pick a keyword for every page and then gives you suggestions on how to optimize that page for that keyword. It can even be set up to periodically create sitemaps and submit them to search engines.

5) Edit Flow

The best editorial calendar WordPress has to offer, Edit Flow is great for blogging teams that need to delegate and coordinate work. Make editorial comments on posts, create and manage your content budget, schedule posts and more all in Edit Flow.

6) Super Socializer

Super Socializer combines the power of social sharing and blog commenting to create the ultimate social experience on your website. It allows social sharing on around 100 social networks and is highly customizable and easy to use.

7) Wordfence

WordPress’s best security plugin, it’s possibly the plugin with the most downloads and highest rating. Wordfence scans your site to make sure you’re not already infected and then protects your website against pretty much any form of malicious attention out there. It also has caching which will make your website much faster.

8) Contact Form 7

A simple, compatible and easy to use form plugin, Contact Form 7 is compatible with Askimet, CAPTCHA and Ajax. And, unlike other well known form plugins like Gravity Forms, it’s free.

9) SumoMe List Builder

Popups can increase your email subscription rate immensely. This popup tool will do just that. It’s one feature in SumoMe’s larger tool that offers a ton of incredible features for your website like heat maps, Google Analytics integration, social sharing and more. Interested in more popup plugins? Check out this post.


Plugins are a must for any serious WordPress website. They can take your site’s share-ability, security, SEO and more to the next level. The best websites in the world use them and so should you.

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