A B2B Marketing Idea Takes Flight On Twitter

I like to see a good idea keep getting better, and The B2B Twitterer of the Year Awards are a great example.

First of all, the award is not about Twitter alone; it’’s about how Twitter is being utilized by B2B professionals as a channel for sharing B-to-B marketing and communications ideas, research, case studies, forecasts, product and service insights, strategies, questions and answers, invitations, reminders, referrals and more; – and all in messages that are 140 characters or less in length.

The B2BTOTY Awards Program, now in it’s third year, is the brainchild of Joe Zuccaro, who says, “It’’s not just about how many followers someone has, or how often a person tweets in a given time; it’s about creating a community, and the value a B2B entity brings to it.”

The B2B Twitter of the Year Award, it’s about creating a community, and the value a B2B entity brings to it.With so many worthy contenders, the marketing professionals who will be judging these awards have a big challenge ahead of them. This year, it is easier to nominate and vote for your favorites. Those receiving the highest number of votes will advance as finalists, whom the judges will review to determine the winners. I’’m nominating and voting for many of the B2B marketing “braniacs & maniacs” I follow, and I think it’s a great way to say,”“Thanks for the helpful tweets.”

If you’’re in B2B marketing and new to Twitter, there are many industry experts for you to follow and, because most of them follow back, everyone gets smarter as a result. Twitter is an open exchange of information that flows non-stop, with, – or without, – you and me. That’’s why I check my Twitter feed several times a day; it’’s a great way to keep up with new ideas and information, add my own thoughts and pass along the best content in the form of retweets.

So what makes one B2B Twitterer the best? Great question. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the B2B Twitterers I follow, and will be voting for. Follow them yourself for few weeks, and you’ll be voting for them too.

Jeremy is a B2B marketing genius and creator of B2Bbloggers.com.

Michele is part of the SavvyB2Bmarketing.com sisterhood, and is also a freelance writer.

A rebel. Oh, and a damn-good B2B strategist, spin-doctor and rainmaker – that’s Rebel Brown.

Kim Cornwall Malseed is a good seed. And a great B2B tech marketing expert

Cheryl is managing partner and marketing technologist at Blue Focus Marketing, and winner of a 2010 Shorty Award.

If you’re in B2B marketing and haven’t been asleep for the past two years, you probably already know of Diana Huff.

John Bottom is tops as a B2B marketing and social media specialist (20,000 followers can’t be wrong).

Surely you know Ardath Albee. If not, here’s your chance. She’s a leading expert and author on B2B marketing.

Massachusetts-based Mary Flaherty provides a creative perspective on B2B marketing, and she’s a talented writer and PR expert.

Jeffrey Cohen bleeds B2B, and I learn a lot from his tweets and his blog on B2B social media.

Michael Gass is a gas, and his tweets and blog provide new-business fuel for agencies. He shares an amazing amount of helpful content.

CMO at BearCom Wireless and co-publisher of Social Media Marketing Magazine (@SMMmagazine).

London-based Doug Kessler is part of Velocity Partners, and is off-the-chart smart.

I really like Elizabeth’s last name: Sosnow. And I really like her B2B marketing ideas. She always has great things to contribute.

His name says it all. Great tweeter and all-around B2B braniac.

“Hello, I’m a Mac.” Mr. McIntosh is from Rhode Island, a B2B sales and leads leader

I met Galen in person at a B2B MarketingProfs conference in Boston. We’ve since met many times as fellow members of the agency group, MCAN. I follow his lead.

Mark W. Schaefer is truly a marketing braniac, maniac, humorist, futurist and friend. His tweets are often links to lively debates, discussions and amusement. He’s also a CMO to go.

One of the first B2B braniacs and maniacs I ever followed, and I still can’t keep up.  Also another member of the @Savvy_B2B sisterhood.

Rachel Foster, from Toronto, is great B2B writer and thinker with the tweets to prove it. She also contributes to @TheSocialCMO blog.

Joan Damico is further proof that twitter is a great place for great B2B writers to express themselves (and a great place for us to learn).

This savvy senior director of Global Integrated Marketing at SAP also writes a blog at B2Bmarketinginsider.com.

The idea man behind @B2BTOTY, Joe Zuccaro is a B2B marketing automation maestro.

Author of Spitball Marketing, and one of the best brand storytellers in the game.

A blogger, B2B marketing consultant and social media pro.