A New Year, A New B2B Blogger

Hello, readers!

For longer than I care to document here, the Digital Citizens at MLT Creative have been tirelessly encouraging everyone else on staff to start blogging regularly. We’ve even gone so far as to officially declare blogging to be MLT Creative’s collective New Year’s Resolution.

Kelly Pires CooperI’ve delayed jumping into it, though, mostly because of the inevitable time restrictions, but also because once you start, it’s really obvious when you stop. But I will take Martine’s blogging basics to heart, and try my best to shoehorn some blogging into my workdays.

I’m counting on you all to keep me honest! If you haven’t seen a blog from me in awhile, call me out. There’s nothing like a little public shame to keep me motivated.

Thanks in advance for reading! I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Stay tuned for my first installment…