Are You Doing The Little Things To Strengthen Your B2B Marketing?

We at MLT Creative strongly support strengthening your B2B marketing and business marketing campaign efforts through the addition of social media tools like Linkedin®. We feel that this should be a weapon in every B2B salesman’s arsenal to join group conversations and gain valuable contacts.

Are you doing the little things to strengthen your b2b marketing efforts?Yet, as strong as those tools can be, they’re not a replacement for doing the basics in an outreach and lead generation program. You still need to pick up the phone, send out crafted e-mails and business letters, and network your product or service like crazy.
That all seems obvious, and yet I find stories on the web every day where brands are too busy beating their chests about their success on Twitter® to notice basic flaws in their product or service offerings, and lose thousands of customers every day thanks to bad customer service and retention techniques. Just make sure your sales and marketing team isn’t so “wowed” by the latest sparkle in the toolbox that they completely ignore what got you where you are in the first place.

Utilizing new inbound marketing tools and combining them with time-tested and effective B2B marketing strategies is a specialty at MLT Creative. As a BtoB Magazine Top 125 Agency for 2009, we have a history of building successful B2B programs for more than 25 years.