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B2B Marketing Unicorns exist. I know because I met a few of them at MO PROS Summer Camp…

Until recently, my only recollections of Summer Camp were from childhood experiences with poison ivy, mosquitos, campfires, and canoes. Now when I think about Summer Camp, I’ll think about Marketing Operations, the brilliant young professionals that specialize in it, and the exciting new organization that is promoting professional development in the field. Before I tell […]

Why Do the Best B2B Marketing Blogs Often Begin With a Question?

Q: Why do the best B2B Marketing blogs often begin with a question? A: Because questions lead to answers, diverse opinions, and new ideas. After posting several hundred articles about B2B Marketing topics on our Ideas@Work Blog, we don’t always have a new idea to write about that we haven’t covered before. We certainly have […]

The Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs of Inbound Marketing in 2017

Among 6,000 marketing professionals, do you know the number one priority for 2017? What’s the lowest priority? And how have things changed among your peers? If you are interested in how other marketing and sales professionals are dealing with the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of Inbound Marketing, let me introduce you to everything you could […]

Even The Best B2B Marketing Content Engines Can Run Out of Steam

A Tale of Too Busy. As a partner in a B2B marketing agency, I know better than to make excuses for why I haven’t paid more attention to our content marketing efforts lately. But when I do, there’s always the “Cobbler’s kids have no shoes” to the “Plumber’s pipes are leaking” rationale that comes to […]