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Character Study: Bear

You may not recognize the laughing mascot of Bear Manufacturing, but your parents probably would. He’s become a little obscure in recent years, but he had quite a history. The character was developed by the company sometime in the ‘20s and, over the decades, gradually became something of a folk art phenomenon. People like Arizona […]

Social Media in B2B Marketing: What We’ve Learned

A few days ago, in the lead-up to Social Media Day, our friends at Savvy B2B Marketing posted some valuable lessons they’’ve learned about social media along the way. Now, with Social Media Day upon us, a few of us here at MLT Creative thought we’d do the same thing. Here are some select insights, […]

Character Study: Johnnie Walker

If you’ve ever had a bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch, you’ve noticed two things: 1) You’re drunk, and 2) The label features a portrait of a dapper Edwardian gentleman in mid-strut. He’s known as the Striding Man, and was created in 1908 by renowned English cartoonist Tom Browne. Browne modeled the now-iconic character’s appearance after […]

Character Study: Mac Tonight

Before the era of Fourth Meal had college students scarfing down Quarter Pounders and Crunchwrap Supremes into the wee hours of the morning, fast-food places usually shut their doors and drive-thru windows before bedtime.

Character Study: Chiquita Banana

As with many animated advertising mascots, Chiquita Banana was the brainchild of an established cartoonist – in this case, Dik Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible. His potassium-powered pitchwoman hit the airwaves in 1944, crooning a signature tune penned by BBDO and sung by ‘40s vocalist Patti Clayton:

Character Study: Mr. Clean

Around the world, he’s known as Don Limpio, Monsieur Net and Mister Proper but, here in America, he’s just Mr. Clean—and his famous bald face has been popping up in messy kitchens since 1957. Dreamed up by Harry Barnhart and Ernie Allen of the Chicago ad firm Tatham-Laird & Kudner, Mr. Clean was given a […]

Character Study: Punchy

Probably one of the more violent characters we’ve covered here, this Hawaiian Punch mascot has been pulling his cruel switcheroo on unsuspecting victims ever since his creation by cartoonist Joe Malerba in 1962.

Character Study: Sailor Jack

This member of MLT Creative’s collection of vintage ad mascots is the seafaring spokesman for Cracker Jack, a classic caramel confection with a rich (and crunchy, and sticky) American history that dates back to 1893, at the first World’s Fair in Chicago.

Character Study: The Michelin Man

Poor Michelin Man. No matter how much he exercises, he’ll never get rid of that spare tire. He’s also getting up there in years. Created by French artist O’Galop way, way back in 1894, he’s actually one of the first known advertising characters in the world, and ranks among the likes of the Quaker Oats […]

Character Study: Speedy Alka Seltzer

Much as Marilyn Monroe was once Norma Jean Mortenson, and Cary Grant began life as Archibald Leach, famed ad character Speedy Alka Seltzer was born under a much less memorable moniker.