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Character Study: The Jolly Green Giant

Though MLT Creative is a B2B marketing agency, we also have a passion for advertising in general, and an endless fascination with the industry’s history. That’s why our offices are home to hundreds of classic advertising characters, in figurines of plastic, porcelain, metal and clay. Some of these brand mascots are relics of a bygone […]

Mad About ‘Mad Men’

If you’’ve yet to experience the utter brilliance and retro grandeur of AMC’’s “Mad Men”,— and, according to the ratings, most of you have not,— you’’re doing yourself a profound disservice. So remedy that, this Sunday night, by steering clear of the empty eye-calories of reality TV,— that means no plus-size whiners looking for love, […]

Don’t Ever, Ever Make Ads Like These

If all you remember about Cracked is its days as a pale imitation of Mad Magazine, do yourself a favor and check out their home on the Web. One of the most consistently entertaining comedy sites out there, Cracked now specializes in “list-based humor,” which, apparently, is a thing.

Trust Me, this show deserves to stick around.

Not sure how many of you have been watching (and, if the Nielsens are any indication, not nearly enough), but for about a month now the airwaves have been graced by cable’s second advertising-based show in as many years. Have you given it a chance yet? If not, you should.

Mad Men Memos: Meditiations in an Emergency

This Week’s Memo: ‘MEDITATIONS IN AN EMERGENCY’ With Sunday came the “Mad Men” finale, tying up all (well, nearly all) of the plot threads that have been brought to a boil since the start of the season. Here’s what happened: After a ridiculously long “previously on” segment (which generally bodes well for the prospect of […]