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In B2B, a New Business Opportunity Is No Place For Fear

How to ‘Tonic the Shark’ It was amazing to watch: On a recent science channel program, a marine researcher used a mind-boggling technique, called “tonic,” that had sharks nuzzling up to her like the family dog to be “petted” on the head and around the mouth. Yikes! During these encounters, she would first relax the […]

A Bait Shop Lesson in B2B CRM: “Crickets Self-Serve”

One day, when my friend Jeff stopped at this old icehouse that also ran one of our favorite bait and tackle shops, he noticed the sign had been changed to “The Happy Store.” The familiar, friendly face behind the counter was gone, he said, and the new one didn’t give him the warm welcome he […]

In BtoB Sales, There’s No Time for Monkey Business

True story: A good friend of mine, Ken, had just walked into one of his first sales calls back in the ‘70s, and he was feeling pretty righteous about his plaid polyester Haggar suit, new Cross pen and shiny Samsonite briefcase – not to mention his perfectly puffed out “Brady Bunch” hairstyle.