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5 Concepts to Consider for B2B Website Design

Better B2B website design is not difficult. You visit websites for various products and services everyday and probably make a pretty quick judgement on which sites “work” and which don’t. Trying to see your website design as a visitor and not as yourself, or your business, can lead to a stronger user experience and increased […]

Hot Off the Grill Ideas for B2B Content Marketing

Great content ideas can come from both the B2C and B2B sides of the marketing fence. They both have to attract people, but they have differences in their buying cycles. I have been a Weber Grill loyalist for many years. I bought my first one nearly 20 years ago, cooked on it almost every week […]

5 Good Reasons To Go Inbound for B2B Marketing

I see messages similar to this all the time on the internet for everything from weight loss to getting rich quick, and in some ways, the inbound marketing methodology CAN seem a little “too good to be true.” It can seem easy to blame for the phone not ringing and sagging sales. To be honest, […]

How Do We Develop B2B Content if our Brand is Boring?

In B2B marketing, we often hear some version of this question. You feel that you’re tired of talking about what you do, and no one else could possibly be interested. Right? There are very few, if any, industries that are boring. In 30 years of marketing, I have yet to come across a client, product […]

Think About Testimonials For B2B Inbound Marketing Success

Testimonials are a tried-and-true method to help assure potential customers that you are the solution of their dreams. From the cigarette ads of the past with doctors promoting smoking to today, where every celebrity has their own personal fragrance line, endorsements and testimonials just always seem to work.

Are You Addressing the Four Buying Types in your B2B Inbound Marketing?

Personas are a discipline and tool we use and create for our clients. They help define your audience and give you the “backstory” to help keep your content marketing on track. While attending a business conference, I heard a presentation from Ken Banks and Robyn Winters regarding their BrainBranding system. I think these are also […]

Building a Social Media Team Can Enhance Your B2B Inbound Marketing

Allowing everyone on your team to play a part in your social media strategy will enhance your outreach and attract more visitors. Staying up-to-date with every change in the social media universe can be a daunting task. Many companies assign one person or a small team to handle everything, and that strategy works well with […]

5 Steps That Lead to Relevant Emails and Better B2B Inbound Marketing

Social media and content marketing often get the press, but with these 5 steps, your email marketing will be a relevant message that drives relationships. Many of our customers dismiss email marketing because it has been done or is dead. That can be true, if you’re just delivering a sales message with little relevance. Just […]