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It Takes Character

During my years building our B2B advertising agency in Atlanta, I’ve always been interested in advertising history, and especially ad characters. Recently, I came across some kindred spirits in the form of a new book, ADBOY – Vintage Advertising with Character, by Warren Dotz and Masud Husain. This excerpt gives a brief glimpse of what you’ll […]

Simple, creative ideas always stand out

This tour bus campaign for ZDF television in Hamburg, Germany, created by the agency Kolle Rebbe, on toxel.com is a great reminder that the simplest creative ideas, when executed well, are very effective. I am sure everyone who rode these buses noticed this “little” campaign and mentioned it to everyone they met:

Do you really know your clients?

“You don’’t stand a tinker’s chance of producing successful advertising unless you start by doing your homework.” – David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising With B2B marketing budgets being stretched as far as possible today, and then pulled a little more, this quote from Mr. Ogilvy has never been more important. Knowing where your client lives […]

Is your brand delivering on its promise?

Every brand makes an implied promise with its customers, but the best brands do a better job of reinforcing that promise across every touch point with their customers. These brands believe that no piece of communication or detail is too small to not be designed for functionality and brand presence.

Branding and Rebranding

As an advertiser and/or marketer, branding is where it all begins. And all brands start with a logo. Logo design is a skill set all in itself. There are plenty of agencies in the US that only do branding work. It is quite a fascinating art form.

Do you know who I am?

Relevant marketing is here, and it works. Today I was driving back from a business meeting south of Atlanta. My route back to the office happened to take me through one of the most depressed areas of metro Atlanta. Now, what do we know about urban areas of large cities? Well, we can make lots […]

Taking Window Shopping Online

Since I have many wants, and limited means, I have always been a big window shopper. It’s like regular shopping, only you don’t have to fool around with all those bags or the excitement of actually purchasing something NEW! The experience of window shopping never really translated well online. A lot of clicking on products […]