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16 Killer Social Media Management Tools

Social media management has risen to become a major focus area for marketers. Irrespective of the size of a company, it is important to have an active presence on various social media platforms. It is equally essential to know how to manage them efficiently and make the most of their benefits and features.

Five Ways to Improve Your B2B Social Marketing ROI

Just about every b2b marketing executive is under pressure from their c-level leadership to explain and defend their digital strategy. So, you launch a Facebook and LinkedIn account, try your hand at blogging, and may even send out a tweet or two. You hire a full-time SEO / SEM “expert” that has about three years […]

Unlock the Power of B2B Content Marketing through Video

These days, digital strategists know how to incorporate SEO & SEM techniques, build creative & dynamic websites and incorporate social forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other mediums to create a digital footprint for their clients. Once you have the infrastructure and strategy in place, not surprisingly, strategists must focus their attention to content. […]

Think Like a Journalist to Create B2B Content that Connects and Converts

By Rachel Franco With content playing a vital role in attracting, nurturing and converting prospects to customers, today’s B2B marketer needs a new playbook – a playbook that fortunately already exists. It’s one journalists use every day in producing targeted and differentiated content that keeps their readers engaged, reading and, just as importantly, sharing their […]