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B2B Book Buzz: Content Rules

Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and more) that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business Content Rules is an impressive, fun-to-read, relentlessly upbeat manual about how to develop a content marketing strategy and construct interesting information for your intended readers utilizing a range of digital media. I pre-ordered this book […]

The 5 Steps To Optimize Images For Search

Images are a great way to capture people’s attention enough to dive into a sea of words they would have otherwise just passed right by. But images aren’t just attention grabbers, they can also help you rank in SERPs. In this blog, I’ll show you what you need to do to optimize your images for […]

The B2B Inbound State of Mind: Build the Brand

Inbound marketing presents an incredible opportunity to communicate your brand messages to a broad audience that can become advocates to help share your message. Brand building is a long-term marketing strategy that coincides with a similarly enduring inbound marketing strategy.

8 B2B Content Marketing Blunders & How to Avoid Them

B2B content marketing helps build brand awareness, educates prospects about new ideas, and nurtures them through your sales funnel. Unfortunately, potential mistakes and missteps abound, but content marketing best practices will put your program on the right track.

B2B Marketing Personas in Action: What Would Morton Do?

In B2B marketing, creating a buyer persona is key to understanding your audience. Really using that persona can help your B2B company realize its full potential and speak to the needs and goals of your prospects. Going beyond general demographics to fully identify with the persona as an individual will allow you to personalize your […]

Get Personal with B2B Buyer Personas

Soccer moms. NASCAR dads. Security seniors. Pet lovers. Weekend jocks. Computer nerds. People use personas to identify themselves or groups where they maintain connections. For instance, I’m a football mom, a Jane Six-Pack (more diet ginger ale than pints of ale) and a latte-sipping bookstore lounger. Although these personas don’t describe all my activities, they […]

B2B Marketers Learn to Break Through Barriers at BMA Unleash 2011

When our dog Maggie,– a frisky chow/golden,– was younger, she loved to wriggle out of her collar and take off at incredible speeds. Her tail, torso and head were completely parallel; her ears back and her strides wide. She appeared to take flight as her fore and hind legs crossed beneath her. When we eventually […]

Report Card Time: How to get a 90+ on your Website Grade

That anticipatory time in late spring, just before summer, is a reminder of the crazy phase at end of the school year when students are anxiously checking grades. In between completing projects and homework and cramming for final exams, there’’s a big focus on seeking that elusive “A” grade. If you’’re competitive like me, a […]

B2B Marketing Gets Social Spotlight With LinkedIn IPO

Ever since the recent LinkedIn IPO catapulted the business social-networking platform into the financial stratosphere, B2B marketing has emerged from the shadows of its flashy, highly funded B2C counterpart. According to Russell Glass of Bizo, LinkedIn is propelling B2B marketers’ visibility with its evolved, sexy — and rich — social network. Read the full article…