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What’s the hardest part of B2B inbound marketing?

This question was recently posed to a LinkedIn Group of which I’m a member, and it got me thinking, because it’s a question you could approach from a few different angles. For instance, one challenging thing can be setting up and measuring an effective lead nurturing campaign. So, instead of thinking tactically, I took a […]

6 Steps to a Successful (B2B) Direct Marketing Campaign

A current campaign I’’m involved with got me thinking about my roots in consumer direct marketing. Whenever we launch a campaign that relies heavily on direct, I’’m reminded that the rules in business-to-business direct marketing are really the same as they are in the consumer space. Granted, the overarching differences between the two disciplines are […]

Meeting IRL Makes Social Media More Meaningful

Nothing compares to good old fashioned face-to-face networking, but the days and weeks leading up to, and even after, a recent trip to Memphis, Tenn., reminded me that social media marketing,– regardless of whether it’s B-to-B or B-to-C,– is all about relationships. Billy Mitchell and I traveled to Memphis a few weeks ago to join […]

Presidents Day and B-to-B Marketing

Presidents Day will always have a special place in my heart. Scratch that – way too cheesy for an opening. Let me start over. Presidents Day will always remind me of one of the more interesting campaign kickoffs I’ve ever had the privilege of managing. After months of planning, MLT Creative launched the MAFS (Manheim Financial […]

B-to-B Marketing is an Endangered Species

OK. I admit it. There are days I know I’ve reach my daily allowance of hearing any combination of the following words: social media, SEO, PPC, RSS, Twitter, tweet, re-tweet, LinkedIn, Facebook, inbound, link score, landing page, and of course…(wait for it)…blog. If you haven’t done this in awhile, stop and say it with me: […]