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This past week at MLT

A lot of great stuff has happened this past week at MLT Creative (the greatest B2B Marketing Agency on the planet). We have been super busy on all our accounts, as well as our latest new business outreach. Sean – Paper Aerospace Engineer Sean worked all last week on MLT’s latest new business outreach. I […]

Not everything we do is pretty

Here at MLT Creative (the greatest B2B agency on the face of the planet), not all we produce is beautiful. Sure our campaigns win awards, yes we work overtime to produce creative marketing solutions for our clients, but we also output trash – lots and lots of trash.

Hello and Welcome to Creative Considerations

Hello, my name is Ryan Duffy, I’m a creative director for MLT Creative (an advertising agency in the metro Atlanta area). I begin this blog with a few thoughts on marketing, and where things are headed in the marketing/advertising arena.