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Theory, Sex & B2B Marketing

As both a B2B Marketer and Behavioral Scientist, I am constantly examining individuals’ buying behavior in order to determine what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. And as I was browsing the library of successful marketing case studies on MarketingProfs.com today, of course the following title caught my eye (though for a very different reason!): […]

3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Cheese and Pepperoni

As an account executive at a B2B marketing agency, I’’m always taking notice (and critiquing) advertisements and messages that companies send out to their audiences. Suffice it to say, the volume of messages I encounter each day can keep me pretty busy sometimes. As a result, it can be tough for a company to break […]

What is Inbound Marketing for B2B?

Remember when everyone started saying Web 2.0? I remembered thinking, “What does that mean? Why is everyone saying it? It seems self-explanatory,— why do I need to watch a webinar on it?” Well, I found myself in the same situation recently when I started hearing about Inbound Marketing, only this time it didn’’t seem as […]