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B2B Blogging Checklist

This B2B Blogging Checklist is intended as a reference tool for every time you blog.  Blogs are important for lead generation, search engine optimization, and demonstrating authority and expertise – so don’t just blog, but blog correctly!

An App for Creating B2B Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas are integral to any B2B marketing plan, and the Up Close & Persona® app is essential to anyone who builds them. I use the app every time I develop B2B buyer personas for our clients, so I know it works. And when I heard that a fellow marketer thought it was so […]

A/B Testing Fundamentals in B2B Marketing

A/B testing is a great, economical way to learn more about what motivates your target audience’’s buying behavior. Hopefully everyone is already utilizing A/B testing as a part of their B2B marketing strategy, but if not then this blog is intended to demonstrate how easy it can be.

Communication Patterns: Baby Boomers Gen Xers and Millennials

Different generational groups may communicate differently based upon the cultural shared practices that are most salient during their birth cohort. In order to better equip you with these differences when developing your B2B marketing tactics, I have compiled this document of how Baby Boomers (1946-1960), Generation Xers (1960-1980) and Millennials (1980-1994) differ in their communication […]

The Buying Cycle and Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing

In developing B2B buyer personas you have to remember their connection to the buying cycle, as different stages in the buying cycle lead to different content. Demographic information is helpful in better tailoring your message (e.g. a millennial will want information delivered to him/her differently than a baby boomer), but a buyer persona doesn’’t do […]

Influencers in B2B Marketing: Building Your Brand

For anyone who was unable to attend MLT Creative’s “Revolutionary and Remarkable” event recently, “Ideas on Influence”, I wanted to write a quick blog post to let you know what you missed. The event mixed business with pleasure to educate B2B marketers in a relaxed environment filled with food (from Atlanta’’s Good Food Truck!), spirits, […]

Taking Gamification to the Next B2B Level

Even though gamification is much more than badges, many people continue to think of it as just that. So in order to challenge you to think outside the box about gamification, I’m going to look at it through a scientific lens to show how the concept is rooted in a distinct human trait: the desire […]