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Biases in B2B Online Surveys

Researching your target audience is an integral part of any B2B marketing plan, and online surveys can be an efficient way of gathering data. However, a recent blog post from Tom Webster (@BrandSavant) brought up some great points regarding the possible biases in online surveys.

Data: Social Media Usage in B2B Marketing

The 2012 Social Media Industry Report asked 3,800 B2B marketers how they utilize social media to grow their businesses. Below is an excerpt from their findings as they relate to getting results through social media, as well as an explanation of how these findings make sense when examined through our current communication climate.

Why Gamification Matters in B2B Marketing

We often think of a change as a long and arduous process. But the truth is, it can happen quickly if the change relates to something we find important. And the internet offers that. It allows us to immerse ourselves in another “world” with the click of a mouse, and to socially interact with people […]

B2B Buyer Personas and Buyer Behavior

B2B Magazine and Silverpop’s’ recent webinar, How to Monitor Behavior and Give Buyers What They Want, presented some great tidbits on how to motivate B2B buyer behavior by combining behavior-based messages with psychographic variables.

Data Analysis: B2B Marketing Tips

I recently learned that the majority of people who attempt to analyze their research data have no idea how. If you’’ve been testing your own target audience and find yourself in the same boat, you may want to re-evaluate your current testing plan.