B2B Blogging Basics: Finding the Time to Blog

You understand the importance of maintaining your B2B blog, but how can you find the time to keep up with regular posts? Here are some b2b blogging tips to help find and save time:

Set a realistic schedule. This is so important. Expecting to post every day, or even every other day, will not only burn you out quickly, but set you up for failure. Aim for once a week, then build the regularity as your proficiency (or imagination) builds.

B2B Blogging supports B2B MarketingLook for consistent themes to maintain. Create an ongoing “feature” or some kind that you use on the same day each week. For example, highlight an interesting story in the news every Tuesday, or display informational links another day of the week. Whatever you choose, running a regular feature or features can help you maintain momentum, and offer your readers something to look forward to.

Record ideas to eliminate starting from scratch. Keep a simple Word or text document open. When you find an idea or link you like, copy it to the page. Keep a pad or a small voice recorder handy for ideas on the go. When it’s time to write a blog post, you’ll have some ideas to start with instead of a blank page.

Master the art of half-writing. Writing the first paragraph of a post and then stopping is OK. If you don’t have time to finish when you start, just finish later. This will take less time than not starting at all.

Free write. Just write what’s on your mind, without paying too much attention to format or spelling. Then make corrections later. You will get better, and faster, at free writing over time.

Start the dialogue — don’t always finish it. You don’t always have to write a “complete” and perfect post. It’s not necessary to find every example, link to all the relevant sites, or have all the relevant facts. Just start the list or dialogue, and let your readers finish it. This openness is great way to save yourself time, and it can also foster an interesting conversation with your readers if you invite them in to contribute ideas and thoughts to your blog.

Do you have other ideas for finding time to blog?  Would love to hear them. Just leave a comment — if you have the time.