B2B Blogging Checklist

This B2B Blogging Checklist is intended as a reference tool for every time you blog.  Blogs are important for lead generation, search engine optimization, and demonstrating authority and expertise – so don’t just blog, but blog correctly!

b2b marketing checklistContent

  • Think like a teacher. Teach! And it doesn’’t just have to be your original ideas – curating content is also a great way to inform your audience.
  • Write posts people will want to link to
  • USE YOUR BUYER PERSONAS to guide your content!  Use our Up Close & Persona app for help in creating your own b2b buyer personas.


  • Find an image that is aesthetically appealing/exciting that relates to your content

Alt Text

  • This helps both with SEO as well as to describe the image to people who cannot see or who have their images turned off. This should include a keyword and a brief description of the image. 


  • These help someone find what they’’re looking for on your blog
  • Add no more than 3 tags to each blog post
  • The tags will summarize the topic of the blog and they should be a little more broad than long-tail keywords

Meta Keywords

  • You can probably use the same words for Meta Keywords as you used for tags. They don’’t affect Google or Bing SEO anymore so you don’t have to worry too much on these.

Meta Description

  • Think of this as a 150-word CTA that describes the blog and entices the reader to read it if it shows up on a search engine.

Call to Action

  • Every blog post you write should have some type of call to action at the end of the article. Ideally it should be related to the article’s topic, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Source: The majority of the information in this post has been sourced from HubSpot.com, an industry leader in inbound marketing. 

Do you have any other tips for me to add to my B2B Blogging Checklist? Please let me know if so, so I can add them to my list!   

B2B Blogging: Beyond the Basics