B2B Book Buzz: Get Content Get Customers

Get Content Get Customers – Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing
By Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett

With traditional media becoming less effective, 70 percent of prospective customers of B2B businesses review websites before calling. Businesses must rethink marketing programs from the bottom up to speak to these visitors. Get Content Get Customers is a step-by-step guide to making your business more visible to anyone who may be interested enough to search for your products or services in your bailiwick.

Get Content Get CustomersIn Parts 1 and 2 Pulizzi and Barrett skillfully explain the shift from traditional media marketing and describe the high level concepts of the “why” of content marketing. Once the new rules are established, the case studies are priceless. No conjecture here, just real world examples and tested advice. The number of companies already using content to engage with customers is not surprising.

For B2B marketers who are wondering whether they can convert their dwindling advertising budgets to more engaging and more efficient channels, no need to stall any longer. This book can teach you to increase customer interactions through narrative marketing and story-telling. It’s clear the authors believe in the topic because it is conveyed with zeal, bordering on fanaticism. Although written before the social media marketing explosion, the advice is relevant, easy to follow and implement, and makes for a fascinating study.

BtoB Buzz Rating 4 Out of 5 Petals