B2B Book Buzz: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing – Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs

By Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah with foreward by David Meerman Scott

If you’re in B2B marketing, you probably have more than a few business books on your shelves that you’ve read, enjoyed and, perhaps, learned a thing or two. Then, you have other books that occupy a convenient, easy-to-reach spot on your desk and travel with you from home, to work, to lunch and back. The pages are so full of relevant information they are well-thumbed, highlighted, marked with Post-it notes and margin scribbles. Inbound Marketing – Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs is a resounding match for the latter category.

Inbound Marketing - works for B2B marketing Authors Halligan and Shah have an unparalleled talent for developing and sharing the best ideas at the most appropriate time. It’s no surprise the duo shares the philosophy of David Meerman Scott (who wrote the foreward), author of The New Rules of PR & Marketing (see B2B Book Buzz-October ’08), another bestselling author who recognizes the business marketing revolution that’s currently underway.

Inbound Marketing skillfully explains how online technologies have dramatically changed how organizations communicate, broadcast ideas, and conduct business. The Internet has significantly leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. For the insightful, this phenomenon has profoundly impacted marketing strategies. The authors emphasize that effective marketing is becoming increasingly dependent upon being found on the Internet by your target personas.

Quick and easy-to-follow, with action steps after each chapter, the book is thorough without being text bookish. Each chapter offers clear, concrete steps that can be implemented immediately in order to build web presence and trust. Inbound Marketing clearly describes how to increase your page rank among search engines, gives tips on creating useful and remarkable content (through blogs and social networks), and provides guidance for monitoring your website’s progress. This book is suitable for experienced marketers wanting to create a complete inbound marketing plan, but has straight forward explanations that even a novice can understand.

If you get this book, keep your highlighter handy. Inbound Marketing is an outstanding resource for anyone who needs a no-nonsense guide to the most current internet marketing strategies.

BtoB BUZZ Rating 5 Out of 5 Petals