B2B Book Buzz: Return On Influence by @MarkWSchaefer

Many adventurous and curious B2B marketers embarked on the social media journey just a few years ago uncertain where the path would lead. Sharing content and amassing followers, fans, friends and connections evolved into a daily endeavor. Opinions and recommendations from trusted digital alliances created a wave of action. Followers paid attention to what these new “friends” had to say and acted on their advice, generating action, change, altered thinking. They built influence and personal power on the web.

Mark Schaefer's Return on InfluenceIn Return On Influence:– The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring and Influence Marketing, author Mark W. Schaefer examines influence on the web, this new social phenomenon and its impact on marketing. He also reviews innovative companies, like Klout, which measure social media influence.

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This fascinating book explores how brands are identifying powerful bloggers, tweeters and YouTube celebrities to build brand buzz and increase sales. Schaefer shares the rise of the “citizen influencer” and how average joes have exploded on the social web with tens of thousands of listeners daily. With more than 50 interviews of industry thought leaders and several social influence marketing case studies, the book shows how to use the latest breakthroughs to meet your goals.

Using exclusive access, Schaefer provides an insider’’s look at Klout, the controversial social scoring company. He shares their process for assigning social scores to users’’ online activities and gives excellent advice for improving your own score and increasing personal power on the social web.

Return On Influence is an essential guide to digital marketing of the future that is low-cost, high-speed, and powerful. The book shows you how to reach the super connectors who ignite viral epidemics through word-of-mouth. It’s a must-read for individuals and companies who crave influence and desire to increase word-of-mouth power on the social web.

B2B Book Buzz

MLT Creative recently had the pleasure of hosting Mark W. Schaefer in a webinar on Personal Power.


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