B2B Book Buzz: The Brand Gap

The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design
Expanded Edition
A Whiteboard Overview by Marty Neumeier

The Brand Gap is a good read and an excellent reference guide for all things “branding.” The style of the book is based on a presentation, using illustrations and diagrams to help you recognize the five disciplines of branding and learn to apply them to various situations.

The Brand GapIt starts with defining what a brand is, and what it isn’t. I really enjoyed how the author kept the descriptions and explanations as simple and focused as possible to illustrate his points. “Brand” has become a huge buzzword in the last few years, so it’s helpful to make sure you have a full understanding of what it is, and how to then evaluate your brand – now and in the future. This book gives you a great system for doing just that.

This new, revised edition includes a handy “Brand Glossary” that clears up all the jargon surrounding this topic. There’s also a reading list with recommendations for other books that dive deeper into the many topics Neumeier touches on. Both of these tools make the book a must-read and a continued resource for any marketer’s library.

If you develop and consult on b2b branding like I do, or just want to see how your brand stacks up, I recommend this guide as an excellent starting point. I guarantee you’ll learn some things you didn’t know, and clear up some misconceptions along the way.