B2B Book Buzz: Think Outside the Inbox

Think Outside the Inbox is a great reference for all things marketing automation, a subject about which there is so much information floating around right now that it tends to be overwhelming. Thankfully, Adam Blitzer and David Cummings were able to take some of the most useful information (specifically regarding B2B) and round it up into one handy guide.

Think Outside the Inbox  bookBy covering the high points right away, the authors have made sure that every bit of this 155-page handbook is relevant to B2B marketers. The guide provides a lot of useful information, but not to the point of overload or redundancy. And unlike many other resources out there on the subject, this book explains how to apply marketing automation to every step of your online processes. From customer relationship management to bid management software, the authors cover them all.

Examples of current marketing automation efforts can become repetitive, but Think Outside the Inbox includes engaging examples that make you even more willing to read on. In Chapter 1, the authors introduce you to the FBM (Fuller Brush Man) and his old-school American approach to sales; and in Chapter 4, Blitzer and Cummings draw you in by relating lead generation to the ways people go about finding love in all the wrong (and right) places, from dive bars to Match.com. I’m also a huge fan of Ardath Albee and her approach to marketing automation, so I was thrilled to see her mentioned various times throughout the guide.

Think Outside the Inbox is a must-have for any B2B marketer’s library. The industry is constantly shifting, and without a basic knowledge of marketing automation under your belt, you will quickly be left in the dust. Way to go, David Cummings and Adam Blitzer, on creating a great tool for B2B marketers!

BtoB BUZZ Rating 5 Out of 5 Petals