Speaking Directly About B2B Direct Marketing With BtoB Magazine

As much as I rely on blogs and social media for information about B2B marketing, I still look forward to each new issue of BtoB Magazine landing on my desk. Whatever your industry, I’’m sure you have trade publications you consider invaluable. For my business, it’’s BtoB. In addition to the hard copy, I often refer to the online information and archives they provide.

I know the perspectives provided within the magazine are from experts from all sides of the business including CMO’s of global brands, leading agencies, a variety of vendors and journalists with years of experience and limitless curiosity about wha’t’s working and what’’s next in B2B marketing.

BtoB Magazine articleIn the recent issue, I was honored to be part a “Direct Discussion” about producing more successful direct marketing campaigns. Written by Christopher Hosford, the article included commentary by a roundtable of agency executives.

Chris’’s insightful questions led to some interesting answers and I enjoyed reading what the others had to say. I’’ve included a few of the questions and answers below but suggest you take a few minutes to read the full article.

Chris Hosford, BtoB Magazine:

  • “Given today’’s digital marketing environment, what is direct marketing to you?”

Laura Goldstein, VP-Strategic Planning, Babcock & Jenkins:

  • “Back in the day, the notion of a targeted, personalized experience was called junk mail. It wasn’’t considered real marketing, even though it was accountable. Now we’’ve come full circle. Our clients are very aware of statistics, especially the one that says that 70% of a buyer’s journey is complete before sales gets involved.”

Billy Mitchell, President – Senior Creative Director, MLT Creative:

  • “Direct marketing is more than just promotional messaging. It is about having the best database possible and creating compelling content that is not initially based on selling. But it also comes back to sales and working with the the sales force.”

Chris Hosford, BtoB Magazine:

  • “What are you advising clients about new media, such as social and mobile?”

Dimitri Maex, Managing Director, OgilvyOne:

  • “We do have creativity as our anchor, our heritage. That’’s why people come to agencies. But we’’re thinking about that creativity in a broader way now. It’’s designed to help clients build platforms to allow them to engage with customers more deeply with more innovative products.”

Michael McLaren, President, MRM East

  • “A lot of people are still just dipping their toes into social. It’’s at a nascent stage at making it work and ensuring that the information you’’re starting to put together is relevant and as important as other channels.”
      Chris’s last question to the panel was

    “What are your thoughts about the future of direct marketing?”

    We all provided answers but if you’re reading this, odds are you are in B2B marketing yourself. How would you answer the question? Please feel free to provide your thoughts via a comment and here’’s that link again for the full article. Thanks!

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