B2B Guest Blogging – Is it right for my B2B blog?

When we advise our clients on how to develop meaningful content for their B2B blogs, we always recommend they consider featuring guest bloggers.

As with everything we do, we like to practice what we preach. So it is with great pride that we introduce a series of guest blogs by Mark Schaefer related to our recent B2B Blogging webinar, and also what I believe might be the first ever B2B guest blog on B2B guest blogging, by our good friend, Jeremy Victor.

We can all learn a lot from Jeremy, Please enjoy! – Billy Mitchell

B2B Blogging supports B2B MarketingGuest Blog Post by Jeremy Victor

Let’s face it, as B2B marketers, we’re all confronting the same challenge. We’re resource constrained, and at the same time, we must find new ways to attract and engage customers in an increasingly attention starved world. If you’ve started blogging as a way to accomplish those objectives, you have definitely made a great choice for the investment of your time, money, and energy.

As you have begun blogging though, you’ve likely encountered some obstacles. This of course is normal; as with any new endeavor, there are many hurdles to overcome. You may be asking yourself:

How can we make our blog more interesting?

What kinds of things can we do that will help us earn the trust of our readers?

This fall we have four tradeshows, John Writer will be on his honeymoon, I’ll be at the shows, who’s going to write for the blog over those six weeks!?

These new regulations are really impacting the market, but we don’t know them well enough to cover them…yet we need to cover them. How are we gonna do that?

Yikes, those can be tough questions to answer, if you consider yourself or even your company as the sole contributor to your blog. Enter Guest Bloggers.

A guest blogger is just that: a guest, someone from outside your organization that acts as an author for your blog.

Guest bloggers can be used in a variety of ways: one-time contributors, a special guest series, interviews, or even as regular ongoing columnists. Most importantly, when it comes to using guest bloggers, you are really limited only by your creativity and determination to try something new. You are now the publisher, editor in chief, and blogger all wrapped up into one. The benefit: it’s your publication, and you get to make the rules.

So is using Guest Bloggers right for your B2B blog? My short answer is “Definitely, yes!”

For a in depth look at the benefits of using guest bloggers and guidance on how to successfully find, invite, and work with guest bloggers for your B2B blog, MLT Creative and I have created a new eBook for you. In this B2B blogging e-book I explore the Basics, Best Practices, and Blunders of Guest Blogging. I’ve drawn the majority of content from my experience working with over 50 contributing bloggers as the Editor In Chief of B2bbloggers.com.

Download your copy, it’s a great resource to learn the ropes and to prepare your company to begin finding and working with new contributors to your blog.