B2B Marketers: Yield to Inbound Traffic

Just like sitting at a stop sign at the mall, watching all the inbound traffic flow in, B2B marketers can yield to traffic using inbound marketing tactics. Try some of these methods to drive repeat traffic to your B2B website:

B2B Marketers: Yield to Inbound Traffic using tips for increasing website traffic.

  1. Be consistent with your company’s brand. Use the same colors, logo, tagline, etc. everywhere on your B2B website.
  2. Keep your site fresh. Frequent website updates are essential, so keep adding new, keyword-rich content each week.
  3. Optimize page titles, headings, meta descriptions, and body content with your targeted keywords.
  4. Offer valuable downloadable content that makes sense to your business and ideal prospects (e.g., white papers, eBooks, books and reports).
  5. Provide subscription offers, both email and RSS feed, to your newsletter, blog or press release pages.
  6. Place your site’s address on all printed collateral – business cards, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, email signature, and signage.
  7. Hold a series of webinars that teaches your audience about your specialty.
  8. Write press releases regularly. Post them on your news page and distribute them to press release websites. A press release is an open invitation for others to publish your news.
  9. Think like a publication; be a news source for your readers. Use your blog to post summaries of industry-targeted news items, then link to the original source.
  10. Comment regularly on other industry blog posts. Share your knowledge along with your website link.
  11. Syndicate your blog posts to multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Automatic feeds can pull every post into your streams, fan pages, or status updates.

Increasing traffic to your B2B website is an ongoing effort. With a little patience, a website that maintains unique, useful content will see increased traffic over time.