B2B Marketing: How Your Target Audience Thinks & Remembers

The Internet has changed how our brains process and remember information; so, in order to influence your target audience’s B2B buying behavior, you must work within the confines of how our brains’ functionality. BtoB Magazine recently developed a very important webinar for B2B marketers on this topic, called, ““From Caveman to Customer: What the Evolution of Storytelling Means to Marketers.”

b2b target audience thinking processHow Your B2B Target Audience Thinks
Because of search engines and social networks, people process and remember information very differently than they have in the past. Basically, because information is so readily available,– since physical location is no longer an issue,– people have no real reason to remember anything. They can either find it online (via search engine) or from a colleague/friend (via online social network).

People essentially have no motivation to remember anymore, because they simply don’’t have to.

What You Can Do About It
According to the webinar, research has found that people remember emotional experiences more vividly and for longer amounts of time. So think about how you can incorporate emotion into your marketing rather than just rationale in order to help your target audience remember you when it’’s to time to buy. (Additionally, this allows you to cast a larger net since you can appeal to both left-brain and right-brain people at once.)

In order to motivate your target audience’s buying behavior, you have to deliver information in a way that they can understand it and remember it. By using emotion and logic, you may have a better chance of doing that by helping them remember you when it is time to buy.