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B2B Marketing: Let Inbound Experts Be Your Muse

Well, in case you hadn’t heard, more than 10,000 inbound marketing fans attended the Inbound 2014 conference in Boston this week. I was curious to learn what attendees thought about this year’s event, and I came across a post by Thomas Oppong that included a list of 50 Inspirational Quotes from Inbound Marketing Experts. There’s a lot of good advice here that you can use to improve your B2B marketing strategy, so I thought I’d share the list* with you.

  1. You sell more when you stop selling.@dmscott
  2. Your goal is to simplify your consumer’s life wherever they are, whenever they want.
  3. Having an audience is a privilege. Not a right. @petershankman
  4. 73% of people feel better about a SMB after following them on Twitter.
  5. Match the best ideas with the best executor of ideas. @seanellis
  6. Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.
  7. Anytime you say “I’m safe because my customer needs …” you’ve identified a job to be done. @mallikarjunan
  8. Be Useful. Be First. Be Welcoming. Be Transparent. Be Humble. Be Perceptive … Show up. Change your life. @MarcEnsign
  9. People like to buy from humans, not faceless companies.” @dmscott
  10. Stop hiring for talent. Start hiring for people. @petershankman
  11. The act of reframing the problem sounds trivial but it makes the solution possible, erasing the existing boundaries. @gladwell
  12. Marketing needs to shift from delusion-driven to data-driven. @dharmesh
  13. Events are about the bigger picture. Data can help tell your story.
  14. You are what you publish on the web. If you’re not publishing you’re nothing. @dmscott
  15. To get good at growth you have to be great at talent acquisition. @dshah
  16. When you are writing – keep asking yourself “so what” until you are sure what is in it for the customer. @AnnHandley
  17. People who bring transformative change have courage, know how to reframe the problem, and have sense of urgency. @gladwell
  18. When we’re willing to sacrifice for our people, our people will sacrifice for us. @simonsinek
  19. Stop making excuses and start managing your fear.
  20. You can’t grow what you can’t measure. @dharmesh
  21. Speed and agility are an extreme competitive advantage. Anybody can newsjack. @dmscott
  22. Build trust, solidify thought leadership and gain credibility through your content. Customers will come. @mkgetler
  23. Solve problems. Provide recipes. Encourage action. Apply hooks.
  24. Content is not storytelling; it’s telling a true story well. @MarketingProfs
  25. Never post anything without an image. Get 75% more engagement. @PegFitzpatrick
  26. 51% of tweets with “Please ReTweet” will get retweeted. @danzarrella
  27. The two types of bad pitches: cold pitches that promise money; cold pitches that don’t promise money. @marshallk
  28. Key skills for leadership: Courage to nix the nay sayers, imagination to reframe problem and exude a sense of urgency. @gladwell
  29. If you’re ONLY a performance driven company, you’re setting up an unhealthy, selfish culture of unhappy people. @simonsinek
  30. The one thing that relationships absolutely cannot stand is contempt. @gladwell
  31. You want to invent new ideas, not new rules. – Dan Heath
  32. Data is the currency that will fund the development of tomorrow.
  33. Teach without expectation of return, and you will reap a return you never thought possible.
  34. Writing is the heart of content marketing. @annhandley
  35. 10% of your tweets should be mentions to get retweets. @danzarrella
  36. Content is king not conversation in social. Content adds value & conversation will happen.
  37. Spend time on twitter to share content- no one cares how chatty you are if you don’t contribute. @danzarrella
  38. When you take advantage of multiple mediums, your end customers perceive a greater value in your messaging. @heinzmarketing
  39. Ask for the actions you want people to take. @danzarrella
  40. Measuring ROI automatically puts you in the top half of the marketing profession. So why wouldn’t you do it? @jchernov
  41. You should be engaging with the brand, not advocates of the brand. @DunkinDonuts
  42. The visual is the new headline.
  43. It’s just as important to curate content as it is to create content. @GuyKawasaki
  44. Marketers can’t just think about content, they must also think about context & personalization by platform @Ekaterina
  45. The human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than text. @ekaterina
  46. If you don’t have a phenomenal answer for ‘who will amplify this content and why?’ – don’t hit publish. @randfish
  47. The blog is the social media rug that really ties the room together. @JasonMillerCA
  48. Dont build links. Build relationships. – Rand Fishkin
  49. How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable? – Seth Godin
  50. More than half of your brain is dedicated to processing visual information. @tim_ash

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