B2B Marketing Lessons From Broadway Joe: Can’t Wait to Win

I wrote this post more than two years ago and thought of re-posting it while watching a new HBO documentary on Joe Namath, called “Namath: From Beaver Falls to Broadway

broadway joe namathThe film tells his amazing story via vintage clips, photos, and stories amusingly recounted by Namath himself.

It includes his heroics, his humanity and, yes, even the infamous sideline interview from 2002 in which he tried repeatedly to kiss reporter Suzy Kolber during a live broadcast.

I now have a better appreciation of Namath’’s story than ever before. His legendary SuperBowl prediction proved he had confidence, optimism and charm in his prime, and the film shows he still has it today.

I wrote my original article as I was just beginning to dive into social media and inbound marketing with optimistic expectations. I can say honestly I’ have enjoyed the efforts.

In business, as in football, we can’’t wait to win. We have to get in the game and play through the pain like Joe. The recession has been declared over by some as others fear the worst is yet to come. Either way, I can’’t wait to win, can you?

Photo Credit: New York Natives