B2B Marketing ROI: 3 Quick Tips

B2B marketers need to report their B2B marketing ROI, so below I have written three quick tips that you can use to demonstrate results. Our Atlanta-based agency is currently pursuing its HubSpot Partner Certification, and the below information is a result of one of the certification classes titled Driving ROI.

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Tip 1: Set SMART Goals

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. In order to deliver month over month ROI, you have to have specific goals (e.g. drive traffic by 1,000 visitors), measurable goals (be sure you can numerically track your goal), attainable goals (be realistic), relevant goals (they have to relate to your company’s overall goals) and timely goals (use benchmarks and deadlines).


Tip 2: Monitor Your Target Audience’s Digital Behavior

For example, what content is performing best? And remember that your different customer segments will engage with different content, so compare the content downloaded with your personas so you can better engage with all your buyer types. Another thing to look for is the most impactful keywords. See the words that bring them in organically and keep using those in your blogs and content.


Tip 3: Develop Monthly Marketing Reports

A monthly report offers enough manageable data that is both meaningful and actionable. For example, to build off Tip #2, perhaps a certain blog topic interested your target audience? Well that’s something you’ll want to know so the next month you can write more on that topic. Or perhaps a certain social media source got the most traffic to your site? Again, if you know this monthly then you can instantly begin using this information the next month which will help increase your ROI.

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