B2B Marketing is a Sport. And Inbound Methodology Changes the Game.

This is the most exciting time ever to be in B2B marketing but also the most challenging. Your marketing must deliver measurable results. More traffic, more leads. More sales. And no matter how much marketing experience you have, there’s always more to learn.

b2b inbound marketing fantasy team

Most NFL players have played football since little league but they still repeat drills at practice with coaches blowing whistles and yelling at them. They study game films and learn new plays. If they lose a game, they must learn from it to win the next one. It’s the same way with B2B marketing.

MLT Creative Content Specialist, Ellen Sheftel, wrote a blog the other day that compared building a Fantasy Football team to building a B2B Inbound Marketing program and it gave me an idea…


My B2B Inbound Marketing Fantasy Team

I know these leading marketing professionals because I follow them. I’m a fan because they practice what they preach and they take time to share what works and what doesn’t. Trust me. We can all learn from them. If you don’t already follow them yourself, I’ve provided links to each of their twitter accounts as a start.

These B2B marketing experts not only share ideas and insights via twitter and other social media, they are prolific writers with a passion for their profession. Their blogs will open your mind to new possibilities and many of them have written best-selling books.


This is my B2B Inbound Fantasy Team but I couldn’t have picked all the top players. What do you think? Who would be on your team?

Please take a few minutes to share your top three draft choices. And if there’s an individual you think worthy of The B2B Inbound Marketing Hall of Fame, please nominate them!

Your comments are welcome and results will be shared in an upcoming Ideas@Work blog post.

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