B2B Word on the Street: Actionable

This Week’s B2B Word on the Street is: ACTIONABLE

How often do you hear or say the words “actionable” and “information” in the same sentence? If you’’re business is anything like mine, a B2B marketing agency, in most meetings you are either pitching, discussing, debating or listening to ideas and information being exchanged. And hopefully each meeting ends with the next steps clearly identified and agreed to by all in attendance.

In B2B marketing and advertising, it's important to take act on what's been said during a big meeting. Otherwise it was all for naught.Meetings that result in no action are a meaningless waste of oxygen, and usually result in the need to repeat the meeting again. It’’s the same with messages. Whether conveyed within e-mails, advertisements or marketing collateral, if all you do is send out information without a clear “call to action,” your message might evaporate into thin air.

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Compendium Blogware, (the business-blogging experts who provide support for the MLT Creative blogs) that demonstrated how much of a difference a well-worded, strategically-positioned call to action could make in the measurable results of splash pages, e-mails and blogs. And yes, at the conclusion of the webinar, they remembered to provide a call to action for anyone who wanted more information or help applying the ideas they had just demonstrated.

Over the next few weeks, MLT Creative will be rethinking our website, our e-newsletter, and our blogs. We will be dialing up the degree to which the information we are providing on B-to-B marketing is actionable