B2B Word on the Street: Can’t Wait to Win

This Weeks B2B Word on the Street is: CAN’T WAIT TO WIN

Many years ago, when at the peak of his fame, Joe Namath wrote a book with a great title: I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow, Cause I Get Better Looking Every Day. Well, his star has long since faded, but his legendary prediction of a SuperBowl win, as well as that funny book title, live on.

Front cover of Joe Namath's bookLike Joe, I too can’t wait until tomorrow. But it’s because I get smarter everyday. I credit the economic slump, and subsequent slowdown in spending by some of our largest clients, with giving me more time to invest in learning new strategies and tactics for effective B2B marketing. I like being in a business where there is always more to learn, and my focus lately has been on social media like Linkedin and Twitter, and seeing how MLT Creative can make them work for ourselves and our clients.

I twitter as billymitchell1, where I follow, and am followed by, some of the best B-to-B marketing minds on the planet. I am also on Linkedin, and although I’m somewhat new to both, I know so much more now than I did two months ago thanks to the groups I have joined, discussions I have participated in and feedback I have received.

I can’t wait until tomorrow, and neither should you. This recession will end at some point, and we can all be taking market share now while the market is standing still. If you are a business-to-business marketer and like to win, I predict MLT Creative will help you do just that, if you have the good sense to put us on your team.