Basketball and B2B Marketing: Understanding the Connection

When it comes to things I love, few top NCAA basketball. I can’’t get enough of the excitement and anxiety that is March Madness. The strategy and research that I put into filling out a bracket is quite similar to the way in which I approach B2B marketing. Before I fill out a bracket or begin work on a B2B marketing campaign, there are certain steps I take to ensure the best possible outcome:

  • basketball and b2b marketingUnderstand the competition: It is always important to understand who you are up against, whether it is in basketball or in marketing. That’’s why I always take some time to research the competition before making any decisions. Knowing what the opposition brings to the table helps me to refine my strategy and ensure my choices are the correct ones.
  • Consider all potential outcomes: In addition to assessing the competition in both B2B marketing and filling out a bracket, I also consider possible outcomes for each situation. It is important to understand what effects can come of picking a certain team over another, or deciding on a certain marketing tactic over another.
  • Listen to what others are saying: I also make it a point to take a third-party perspective into consideration when it comes to both March Madness and B2B marketing. Getting an outsider’’s point-of-view on a certain team or marketing strategy can make all the difference before making an important game time decision.

Creating a perfect bracket, much like creating a perfect B2B marketing campaign, is close to impossible. However with the right strategy, knowledge base, and team, you are bound to discover some happy accidents along the way.