Before Deep Diving Into B2B Social Media Marketing…

As a B2B marketing agency, we encourage our clients to work on their website content before diving in too aggressively in social media. In most cases it makes sense for our clients to be blogging, providing white papers, case studies, video and other content that will be helpful to their customers and prospects.

diving into b2b social media marketingTo be successful in social media, it helps to be human.

Create a clear, consistent identity for those who will be representing your business, and approach social media first as a good listeners.

We recommend a “LinkedIn Boot Camp” for employees (especially management level) who are interested in contributing to the company’s successful inbound marketing efforts. Next — and only after you have created content worth sharing on your website (and landing pages) — we encourage you to engage on Twitter and Facebook. There is no shortage of social media options available but we recommend starting with those three.

Your social media efforts should be part of an inbound marketing strategy that has won support from your top management. And invest in the tools and resources needed for creating remarkable content, dynamic landing pages, calls-to-action that help convert visitors to leads, marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management).

Finding your customers online is the key. Start with social media as a research tool to identify which sites your customers and prospects are using to engage as individuals and in groups. Answer questions and participate in discussions. Follow key influencers in your industry. By now most of the trade publications for your industry are most likely active on social media and sharing content via blogs, special reports, webinars, etc. Be a curator for these thought leaders and add your own commentary. Follow great bloggers and take time to comment and share links to their content.

Consider having your customer service staff include social media as part of their dashboard. Many companies have found this to be a great way to turn problems into opportunities.

I’’ve heard two top social media experts sum up great social media advice in fewer words than I can. Chris Brogan says, “You need to grow bigger ears.” And Jay Baer says, “If you don’t love social media, you will suck at social media.” I’’ll simply add this: “Stick with it. Social media marketing is a never-quit-learning work in progress.”

Are you a B2B marketer who’s active in social media? What have you learned lately?

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