Best B2B Marketing Blogs — Redux

Here’s a list of my favorite B2B blogs on marketing, SEO, WOM, and lead generation:

  1. A PR Guy’s Musings– – Stuart Bruce writes about the science of public relations.
  2. Achieve Market Leadership – –Insights on opportunity analysis, strategy and planning, and operations and execution, by the Crimson Consulting Group.
  3. Anything Goes Marketing –- Chad Horenfeldt shares tips and tricks to improve your online marketing skills.
  4. B2B Knowledge Sharing –- Scott Gillum of MarketBridge blogs about the constantly changing world of B2B Sales and Marketing.
  5. B2B Lead Generation Blog – Brian Carroll’s blog focuses on B2B lead generation, sales leads and marketing for the complex sale.
  6. B2B Marketing Communications 2.0 –- Pete Jakob writes that as B2B customers turn to the internet to support all stages of their buying process, B2B marketing needs to change its game,— and fast!
  7. B2B Marketing Confidential – Andy Hasselwander provides news and insights from across the B2B marketing landscape.
  8. B2B SEO – Galen De Young blogs about business-to-business Search Engine Optimization.
  9. B2B Web Strategy –- eMagine’s blog about driving traffic, engaging visitors, conversion, measurement, and Internet marketing.
  10. Better Closer Blog– – Bill Rice’s blog gives tips and techniques that will have you turning more prospects into customers.
  11. Branding and Marketing –- Chris Brown writes for business professionals with an interest in branding and marketing, with a focus on building awareness.
  12. Building a Sales Machine –- Aaron Ross writes about accelerating growth, reducing uncertainty, and creating a predictable sales machine in the on-demand era.
  13. Freaking Marketing –- Robert Rosenthal shares all types of marketing tips, including B2B marketing and lead generation categories.
  14. Guerrilla Consulting –- Michael McLaughlin helps consultants market themselves with breakthrough tactics for winning profitable clients.
  15. Idea Sellers –- Daniel Sitter writes about better tips for selling.
  16. Marcom Writer Blog –- Dianna Huff delivers news, riffs, and commentary on all things relating to B2B marketing communications.
  17. marketfusions –- Shivonne Byrne’s thoughts on strategy, business, marketing, content, and creativity.
  18. Marketing Fishbowl –- Gary David comments on all things marketing, from the elementary to the profound.
  19. Marketing Interactions – Ardath Albee writes thought-provoking posts about marketing and sales integration, shortening sales cycles, and improving sales tools.
  20. Marketing MO –- Marketing tips from the trenches for B to B marketers, executives, entrepreneurs and consultants.
  21. Modern B2B Marketing – Jon Miller shares Marketo’s latest thinking about B2B marketing, from best practices in search engine marketing to lead nurturing to marketing accountability.
  22. PR2.0 – Brian Solis’ blog fuses public relations, social media, and new media marketing.
  23. Sales Tools and Sales 2.0 – Fresh ideas and motivation to help sales professionals and managers sell more.
  24. RefreshWeblog –- John Rasco blogs about B2B web marketing and SEO news.
  25. Revenue Journal – Kristin Zhivago’s writes about revenue-increasing insights, strategies and techniques for CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  26. Sales Itch –- Ed McLean writes about the changing world of Sales, with occasional posts about sales-marketing alignment (inactive).
  27. Sales Lead Insights – Mac McIntosh blogs about ways to boost your business with B2B marketing and B2B sales lead generation.
  28. Savvy Internet Marketing –- Pam Swingley discusses internet marketing for technology and B2B firms.
  29. Selling to Big Companies –- Jill Konrath’s step-by-step guide for sellers who want to get their foot in the door of large corporations.
  30. SEO-Space – –Organic search engine marketing thoughts and insights with a B2B twist.
  31. Seth Godin’s Blog –- The prolific author provides profound and hilarious insights on marketing.
  32. ShopTalk –- John Caddell gives a daily look at business-to-business marketing, highlighting trends, focusing on what works and what doesn’t.
  33. Simplenomics –- Mike Sigers blogs about sales, marketing and customer service the Simplenomics Way.
  34. Startup-Marketing –- Working with startup CEOs and marketers to explore the keys to startup marketing success, by Sean Ellis.
  35. Stu’s Blog: Success Stories to Grow Your Business –- Marketing frameworks, best practices, and smart tactics for Demand Generation, Sales Optimization, and Customer Success.
  36. SynaxisSpeaks –- Applications of philosophy to marketing and branding.
  37. The Scrappy Software Marketer –- Andrew Kordek shares thoughts, expressions, and general tidbits of being a scrappy software marketer.
  38. The Social Media Marketing Blog –- Scott Monty’s perspectives on B2B implications of social media, the convergence of marketing, advertising and PR on the Web —for marketers, agencies, and companies.
  39. WebInkNow –- David Meerman Scott provides online thought leadership and viral marketing strategies using blogs, news releases, ebooks and online media.
  40. WebMama’s Look at the Web –- WebMama, aka Barb Coll, focuses on search engine marketing for B2B companies.
  41. WebMarketCentral Blog –- Tom Pick has been a B2B marketer since 1992, with an emphasis on research, writing, leadership, and online marketing.