Best B2B Marketing Blogs

Being a newcomer on the blogosphere, I look to my preeminent peers in the B2B arena for guidance. Some I read daily, some sporadically: but I’ve gleaned something from each one. Here’s a list of my favorites:

  1. A PR Guy’s Musings – Stuart Bruce writes about the science of public relations.
  2. Achieve Market Leadership – Insights on opportunity analysis; strategy and planning; and operations and execution, by the Crimson Consulting Group.
  3. Anything Goes Marketing – Chad Horenfeldt shares tips and tricks to improve your online marketing skills.
  4. B2B Knowledge Sharing – Scott Gillum of MarketBridge blogs about the constantly changing world of B2B Sales and Marketing.
  5. B2B Lead Generation Blog – Brian Carroll’s blog focuses on B2B lead generation, sales leads, and marketing for the complex sale.
  6. B2B Marketing Communications 2.0 – Pete Jakob writes that as B2B customers turn to the internet to support all stages of their buying process, B2B marketing needs to change its game – and fast!
  7. B2B Marketing Confidential – Andy Hasselwander provides news and insights from across the B2B marketing landscape.
  8. B2B Sales Solutions – Dale Underwood writes about B2B sales topics.
  9. B2B SEO – Galen De Young blogs about Business-to-Business Search Engine Optimization.
  10. B2B Web Strategy – eMagine’s blog about driving traffic, engaging visitors, conversion, measurement, and internet marketing.
  11. B2Blog – Dave J uses his perspective as a marketer in the trenches to write about the dramatic changes affecting industrial marketing / B2B marketing.
  12. Bad Marketing – Todd Ebert tells the good, the bad and the ugly of B2B marketing, and gives ideas for on improving it.
  13. Better Closer Blog – Bill Rice’s blog gives tips and techniques that will have you turning more prospects into customers.
  14. Branding and Marketing – Chris Brown writes for business professionals with an interest in branding and marketing, with a focus on building awareness.
  15. Building a Sales Machine – Aaron Ross writes about accelerating growth, reducing uncertainty, and creating a predictable sales machine in the on-demand era.
  16. Business of Marketing and Branding – David Koopmans writes about marketing and branding in the Information Age.
  17. Freaking Marketing – Robert Rosenthal shares all types of marketing tips, including B2B marketing and lead generation categories.
  18. Guerrilla Consulting – Michael McLaughlin helps consultants market themselves with breakthrough tactics for winning profitable clients.
  19. Idea Sellers – Daniel Sitter writes about better tips for selling.
  20. Marcom Writer Blog – Dianna Huff delivers news, riffs, and commentary on all things relating to B2B marketing communications.
  21. marketfusions – Shivonne Byrne’s thoughts on strategy, business, marketing, content & creativity.
  22. Marketing Fishbowl – Gary David comments on all things marketing, from the elementary to the profound.
  23. Marketing Interactions – Ardath Albee writes thought-provoking posts about marketing and sales integration, shortening sales cycles, and improving sales tools.
  24. Marketing MO – Marketing tips from the trenches for B to B marketers, executives, entrepreneurs & consultants.
  25. Modern B2B Marketing – Jon Miller shares Marketo’s latest thinking about B2B marketing, from best practices in search engine marketing to lead nurturing to marketing accountability.
  26. PR2.0 – Brian Solis’ blog fuses public relations, social media, and new media marketing.
  27. Sales Tools and Sales 2.0 – Fresh ideas and motivation to help sales professionals and managers sell more.
  28. RefreshWeblog – John Rasco blogs about B2B web marketing and SEO news.
  29. Revenue Journal – Kristin Zhivago’s writes about revenue-increasing insights, strategies and techniques for CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  30. Sales Itch – Ed McLean writes about the changing world of Sales, with occasional posts about sales-marketing alignment (inactive).
  31. Sales Lead Insights – Mac McIntosh blogs about ways to boost your business with B2B marketing and B2B sales lead generation.
  32. Savvy Internet Marketing – Pam Swingley discusses internet marketing for technology and B2B firms.
  33. Selling to Big Companies – Jill Konrath’s step-by-step guide for sellers who want to get their foot in the door of large corporations.
  34. SEO-Space – Organic search engine marketing thoughts and insights with a B2B twist.
  35. Seth Godin’s Blog – The prolific author provides profound and hilarious insights on marketing.
  36. ShopTalk – John Caddell gives a daily look at business-to-business marketing, highlighting trends, focusing on what works and what doesn’t.
  37. Simplenomics – Mike Sigers blogs about sales, marketing and customer service the Simplenomics Way.
  38. Startup-Marketing – Working with Startup CEOs and Marketers to Explore the Keys to Startup Marketing Success, by Sean Ellis.
  39. Stu’s Blog: Success Stories to Grow Your Business – Marketing frameworks, best practices, and smart tactics for Demand Generation, Sales Optimization, and Customer Success.
  40. SynaxisSpeaks – Applications of philosophy to marketing and branding.
  41. The Scrappy Software Marketer -– Andrew Kordek shares thoughts, expressions and general tidbits of being a scrappy software marketer.
  42. The Social Media Marketing Blog – Scott Monty’s perspectives on B2B implications of social media – the convergence of marketing, advertising and PR on the Web – for marketers, agencies and companies.
  43. WebInkNow – David Meerman Scott provides online thought leadership and viral marketing strategies using blogs, news releases, ebooks, and online media.
  44. WebMama’s Look at the Web – WebMama, aka Barb Coll, focuses on search engine marketing for B2B companies.
  45. WebMarketCentral Blog – Tom Pick has been a B2B marketer since 1992, with an emphasis on research, writing, leadership and online marketing.