My Blog about Blogging or The Benefits of a B2B Content Marketing Plan

HubSpot has issued a 30 day Blog challenge from January 2-31, challenging everyone to blog more to see firsthand the results that blogging can generate. The winner(s) will receive a complimentary ticket to INBOUND 2014 and be featured on the HubSpot Inbound Marketing blog. They have been issuing tips all month long to help keep participants motivated. They even created a fun tool called theBlog Topic Generator.Anyone in any industry that is working a content marketing plan, B2B or B2C will find this tool helpful. It is almost like Madlibs for marketers. You simply enter 3 nouns and the “wheel spins” and then it generates “a week of blog topics, just for you.”

"blog" written in the sandIn my battle with writers block this month I have tried out several nouns, some just for laughs and not appropriate for blogging about here, but the results were thought provoking none the less. (And much more interesting than the suggestions I got when I put in nouns like “content marketing.” )The challenge of keeping your blog alive is at times more difficult than others. Yet we as B2B (or B2C) marketers know the value of content marketing whether our/ our client’s intended audience appreciates it or not, because well, that’s our job. Barry Feldman keeps a column titled Content Marketing Minds over on the socialmediatoday site, and he has compiled an “Official List” of things that no one but marketers give a rat’s a$$ about.

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The List of What Customers Could Give a Shit About from Barry Feldman

All kidding aside though, his point is that the customer, not the content is “king.” Our job, as inbound marketers is to find ways to reach and teach our/our client’s audience; to find ways that help the informed customer of today’s techno savvy world find us/our clients. No better way than keeping active on your/ your client’s blog. So blog on fellow marketers! More posts = More opportunities!

An Introduction to B2B Blogging