Building a Social Media Team Can Enhance Your B2B Inbound Marketing

Allowing everyone on your team to play a part in your social media strategy will enhance your outreach and attract more visitors.

Staying up-to-date with every change in the social media universe can be a daunting task. Many companies assign one person or a small team to handle everything, and that strategy works well with the right people. But what happens if those people leave? Having them tweet, blog and post behind just your logo is one option, but that really defeats the true purpose of a social media strategy – sharing your personality and being human. Of course, if they participate as themselves and leave, a lot of that equity and their followers could leave with them. Is there an answer?

social media profilesHere at MLT Creative, we have Lee Nicholls as our point-person, she is responsible for making sure our online voice remains relevant, vibrant and fun. She posts and shares behind the MLT brand and on her own accounts as well. Most everyone on our staff of inbound marketers is active, at some level, on various channels and their followers learn and engage with them around their interests with some relevant MLT content mixed in.

I believe this can be the strongest strategy: let your team participate and grow your social media outreach. Granted, some people will naturally progress more than others at this, but the end result will be a true face of your B2B business. Think of it as a single voice built from a variety of voices. Every member adds their personality to the mix and you all come together, promoting your business in a more engaging, authentic and human way.

In this system, if one person leaves, the collective voice is still relevant and can be enhanced by their replacement. Your team members can become known as individuals, as well as a member of the collective online voice for your business. There are some ground rules to this, maybe not everyone wants or needs to participate and that’s fine. Someone being forced to participate always shows through in their online discussions and activities. You’ll also need to develop a simple set of company wide social media guidelines and strategy for everyone to follow. You hire professionals to help run your business, they should be excited in helping build and enhance your online presence, as professionals.

If you find your B2B business struggling to keep up with your social media outreach, consider making your team a part of the process. You may find they really enjoy being asked to participate, plus they are often a few diamonds in the rough among your team that just needed a little push to really stand out online for your firm.

How does your company handle building a relevant and engaging social media outreach?

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