Combat Adfare: Go to battle with Guerrilla Marketing

Unless you’re promoting primates, you’re not engaging in gorilla marketing. The correct expression is guerrilla marketing. The term guerrilla comes from a Spanish word that means “little war.” Guerrilla fighters typically launch small, targeted attacks as opposed to the large military campaigns run by nations. Similarly, guerrilla marketers use targeted, creative marketing methods as opposed to the more expensive, traditional campaigns run by large corporations. The unconventional nature of guerrilla marketing is intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.

Combat Adfare: Go to battle with Guerrilla MarketingUsing comparable ambush tactics of a guerrilla fighter, a guerrilla marketing campaign works best if it’’s swift, mobile and impactful. Just like the shock attack of a mob of guerrillas in the jungle, a dramatic compelling guerrilla marketing campaign can produce tangible results for your brand.

As simple as fliers on windshields promoting the new dry cleaner to an elaborate distribution the latest hot recording artist’s CD, guerrilla marketing has evolved. Once considered the low-budget solution for start-ups, the adjunct guerrilla marketing campaign is more often a standard budget line item for B2B marketing efforts.

Armed with a narrow niche, a clever guerrilla marketing campaign should contain: ·

Reconnaissance – survey your competition, scout for locations, explore creative ideas and investigate methods·

Bivouac – set up an idea generation camp, train campaign participants to be marketing warriors with your message ·

Weaponry – arm marketing warriors with your message, your unique artillery for message presentation ·

Stealth – covertly observe your audience’s responses to your presentation; dial it up or down based on reactions

Attack – converge on a territory ·

Rapid fire – repeat the attacks in more territory for maximum message exposure ·

Postmortem – Examine the results of the campaign immediately after the the last attack.

Get creatively tough using focused guerrilla marketing tactics to supplement your B2B outbound marketing campaign. The pioneer of this enduring marketing tactic, Jay Conrad Levinson, offers even more ideas on his hefty website Also check out our agency’s website, for creative guerrilla marketing case studies.