Conversion and Social Media Trends in B2B – Part 2

I recently watched a webinar, “Conversion & Social Media Trends,” that contained useful information for anyone in B2B marketing. In my last post, I discussed how the webinar’s presenter, Bryan Eisenberg, proposed that it’’s keeping up with your customers – not beating the competition,– that’’s most important. I also summarized some of the ways he recommends achieving this. But Eisenberg also discussed another topic worthy of a B2B discussion: the importance of writing blogs and tweeting about trending topics.

Trending Topics

Conversion and Social Media Trends in B2B MarketingTrending topics are just what they sound like: things people are currently talking about. And since the operative word is “current,” these topics are constantly changing – which means you should frequently check what’’s trending at any given moment. Eisenberg suggests going to Twitter and Google to find trending topics and see what people are searching or tweeting about most.

Using those trending topics, try and figure out a way to connect that subject with your business. Some will be more applicable than others but, with a little creativity, you should be able to find a way. Then, use the topic in a quick blog post or tweet. You have to get it out ASAP (since, in a matter of hours, it may not be trending anymore), so do it quickly!

Test Yourself

Eisenberg also gave some great tips on how to test your effectiveness at producing quality content that utilizes trending topics. Take the following test, for example:

Step 1: Pick a trending topic and publish something that connects your company with that topic.

Step 2: How long does it take you to create: A blog? An online press release? An online video? An infographic?

Step 3: How long does it take to find influencers and socialize it?

Step 4: How long does it take to make revisions?

Constantly testing the process allows you to see not only how people are responding to you externally, but also what internal processes may need to be modified to make the process more effective and streamlined.

As B2B marketers, we all know the importance of producing quality content that keeps our followers engaged. Utilizing trending topics can be another great way to produce content that is of-the-moment (and thus, probably of interest) for your customers. So try it out today! And once you get the hang of it, be sure to test yourself to make sure you’re being as effective as possible at producing quality content that keeps your B2B customers engaged.