Creating a B2B Marketing Strategy

I recently enrolled in a program at NYU to become certified in Digital Media Marketing in order to enhance my skill set and better serve our clients. My first class, led by Professor Mack Burnett III, focused on the basics of digital strategies and all the components that come into play.

Creating a b2b digital marketing strategyProfessor Burnett defines digital strategy as “the process of creating and executing a strategic plan that leverages and encompasses all available and relevant, tools and resources to reach specific end goals.” Naturally, I began to think about how a digital strategy is used in B2B marketing and the process involved in creating one:



Just like B2C marketing, B2B marketing requires setting goals before sitting down to create a strategic digital strategy. Setting goals not only helps keep the digital strategy on track, but reminds those involved what is ultimately being worked towards. Increasing lead generation, establishing thought leadership and improving brand awareness are some of the most common goals in B2B marketing campaigns.



After setting clear goals, the next step in creating a digital strategy is defining the appropriate components to involve. Different B2B marketing campaigns require different sets of components, depending upon the goals. The most common components involved in B2B digital strategies include SEO, social media, creative elements and content.



Having a clear idea of the audience who will be on the receiving end of the campaign is essential. Ask yourself who, what where, how and why. In addition, you should ask yourself “for what?” and “for whom?” It’s important to understand the main goals of the B2B marketing campaign as well as the purpose and the audience.


I am eager to continue the coursework and build out my knowledge of creating a digital strategy for B2B marketing. If you are a B2B marketer, I invite you to share your thoughts on digital strategies and how they work for you.

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